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A suspense thriller in the Telugu language with Sahasra as its working title, Calling Sahasra is directed by Arun Vikkirala, while the production is managed by Katuri Venkateshwarlu. With a stellar cast across the board in Sudigali Sudheer, Spandana Palli, Siva Balaji, Dollysha, and Ravi Prakash, this is a movie that promises a captivating plot and top-notch performances. In this quest, we examine the storyline, protagonists, soundtrack, release date, and response to this eagerly awaited Telugu beauty.

Ajay Srivastav’s Thrilling Journey with Calling Sahasra

Ajay Srivastav, a cybersecurity specialist who uses the RESQ app to obtain justice for women is the focal character in the Calling Sahasra’s story. Yet, the life of the protagonist changes dramatically when he gets a new SIM card and begins to get strange calls from nowhere which seem to come from a caller who names himself Sahasra.

calling sahasra budget
calling sahasra budget

This film describes a story of a murder, which opens, deep down, trauma and complicated intimacy between Ajay, Sahasra,

and the RESQ app that the villain hacked.

The RESQ App’s Vigilante: Ajay Srivastav’s Cybersecurity Pursuit

In their company, after getting motivated by an earlier tragedy, Ajay Srivastav with its vision of the RESQ app

seeks to compensate for aggrieved women victims of insufferable misfortune. But the life of our hero takes a strange turn when he

obtains a new SIM card, and this situation serves as the start of a thrilling story. Dive into Ajay’s story, which details his connection with

the mysterious caller, Sahasra, and the ensuing tales surrounding the RESQ phone App.

Mysterious Calls and Murder: Ajay’s Dive into a Web of Intrigue

When Ajay Srivastav takes the role of intermediary using the RESQ app, following a successful acquisition of a SIM card,

he gets involved in a murder case. The unnamed caller that Sahasra calls home adds yet another level of suppression,

concealing only an explosive emotional parent within. The way Sahasra’s second outing handles Ajay’s travels cleverly,

untying the complex thread between Ajay, the caller, and the mysterious skeletons hidden within the RESQ app reveals.

Sudigali Sudheer and the Cast’s Riveting Performances in Calling Sahasra

Sudhigali Sudheer is the senior member of this undefeatable cast, otherwise known as Ajay Srivastav. The supporting roles deserve mention as Spandana Palli and Dollysha with their Sara and Swathi shine with layers of many complexities to the tale. The lasting effects of Giving Ravi Prakash and Ravi Teja Nannimala performances have been the most vibrant ones provided by Siva Balaji and Rekha Koneti through their roles. The ensemble invigorates the presentation of the personalities in Calling Sahasra offering a tangible feel for the audience.

Sudigali Sudheer’s Captivating Portrayal as Ajay Srivastav

It is the performance of Sudighali Sudheer that carries Calling Sahasra and Shikaaru as he is completely exceptional in the role of Ajay Srivastav. His portrayal is subtle and his conflict (not between antagonists but between someone the audience must and someone that the audience cannot possibly identify with unless they have personally faced the same thing) engrosses the audience with intensity and vulnerability that not until the character in question is usually replaceable (replaced with somebody similar in an intense but somewhat abstract way that keeps the audience capt.

calling sahasra ott
calling sahasra ott

The shot that we have here can be judged as an assertion to the fact that it is the power of the actor Sudheer to articulate the emotional labyrinths of Ajay’s journey which makes the film better and the performance by Sudheer a memorable part of the entire ensemble.

Collective Brilliance: The Chemistry and Impact of the Calling Sahasra Cast

Besides Sudheer’s super act, the entire cast that forms the film Calling Sahasra showed considerable chemistry and made the film impactful. The four new actors’ performances which they offer are subtly crafted, and their efforts are well-blended and effectively give an enveloped cinematic experience.

The creative minds who make up the cast make characters and all the events and surprises that unfold in Calling Sahasra come alive, which makes it a more interesting spectacle.

Mohith Rahmaniac’s Enchanting Soundtrack for Calling Sahasra

Additionally, under the musical mastery of Calling Sahasra Mohith Rahmaniac, the soundtrack is enchanting, such that it is shifted to match the underlying mystery and suspense of the story in question. Songs like Kalaya Nijama although sung by K. S. Chithra, and Kanula Neeru performed by Yazin Niaz and Merupe nee meenai with Hariharan and Harika Narayan’s soulful voices support the film musically to complement its substance.

Mohith Rahmaniac’s Enchanting Soundtrack for Calling Sahasra

Calling Sahasra’s musical director Mohith Rahmaniac has created a magical musical backdrop to this film that brings through

the thrilling story of this movie. Moreover, in the song ‘Kalaya Nijama,’ sung by K. S.Chithra who is a legend,

Rahmaniac brings into light the spirit of the storyline allowing you to have a fantastic mood. Through the song Kanula Neeru sung by Yazin Nizar,

the emotional tone is captured adding a mystique to the pivotal moments.

How Mohith Rahmaniac’s Score Enhances Calling Sahasra’s Impact

Unlike simplistic accompaniment, the musical virtuosity in Calling Sahasra portrayed by Mohith Rahmaniac becomes more than an orchestral filler, but a narrative force. Each note and composition is a catalyst for emotion, with the audience responding to the twists of the plot with subtle changes in the mood.

calling sahasra release date
calling sahasra release date

The Kalaya Nijama is hauntingly beautiful, the poignant moments pierce the soul and be sure that the songs ‘Kanula Neeru’ and Merupe nee’ meenai collectively form a symphony of emotions that makes Kattradhu Thamizh’ film a hard-hitting movie. Rahmaniac score not only adds flavor to the Plot but also increases the overall Cinematic feel thus dialog Sahasra calling is a sound vantage in Telugu movies.

Theatrical Triumph and Digital Debut: Calling Sahasra’s Release Journey Unfolds

The opening of Sahasra onscreen in India on December 1, 2023, arrested the attention of filmgoers with its amazing script and the presence of a powerful cast. The year 2024 is a countdown of this suspenseful Top Drama as it becomes available to the digital streaming audience through Amazon Prime the day after 2017’s successful run, which gives the viewers an experience of the suspense from their comfort zones at home as of January 1, 2024. The change in tactics of dual release adopted by Calling Sahasra reveals a historic moment in this organization’s history.

Theatrical Triumph: Calling Sahasra’s Cinematic Impact

The Sahasra arrived and the whole 3D film debuted in all theaters of India on December 1, 2023, and the whole cinema audience was interested in

this film to watch. The film told an engaging story and topped this all was the ensemble cast of actors who delivered an outstanding

performance, and the result was an epic run of the film in the cinema halls. With the dramatic series, viewers were into the

suspenseful story and could enjoy the breathtaking action as if they were in the theatre. Calling Sahasra’s release as a

theatrical release indicated success and had now become a part of the Telugu film industry.

Digital Debut: Bringing Suspense to the Screens at Home

Calling Sahasra then went on to dominate the theater upon its release, settling in the digital world with the streaming rights sold to Amazon Prime. Beginning January 1, 2024, viewers would experience the nervous drive in this strange tail from the comfort of their homes.

calling sahasra reviews
calling sahasra reviews

The digital launch expanded the reach of the movie. It allowed a larger number to witness the dynamic plot and the achievements of the leads in

the glittering majesty of cinematography. This business model constituted a step that was a hallmark of Calling Sahasra, allowing for sustained influence after cinema.

Dual Triumphs: Calling Sahasra’s Theatrical Release and Digital Reception

Film Poster: Calling Sahasra debuts theaters on December 1, 2023; the film hit screens with an enthralling plot. After a limited theatrical release in May 2025,

made its premiere on Amazon Prime streaming service on January 1, 2024. Reviews were very mixed, typically alluding to its good storyline,

but some niggling criticism for a less than conclusive and fair-dinkum mystery thriller.

Theatrical Triumph: Mesmerizing Audiences on the Big Screen

The mobilization of Sahasra caused havoc at the time of its release on 1 December 2023 in cinemas. The film was successful because of its interesting plot and the cast’s fantastic department, filming the cinema halls. On a big screen, the character might feel like a living thing in a silent movie that grabs

the viewer’s attention, intensifying the suspense and even emotional depth. Being a huge theatre success day, this became the victory of Calling Sahasra

by engraving its registration in the industry of Telugu cinema.

Digital Reception: Extending Suspense Beyond Cinemas

From crazy successful theatre, Calling Sahasra with tremendous ease adjusted to the digital realm, Amazon Prime purchased rights. This subject was released on January 1, 2024, released to a larger audience; it affected people outside the cinemas.

calling sahasra rating
calling sahasra rating

The continual entertainment of the suspense as viewers eagerly awaited the thrilling climax presented by the digital reception allowed individuals

to view the film theatrically in their own homes while retaining the powerful characters and storyline represented on screen. After the celebration

of these two- dual victories over both theatrical success and digital reception, Calling Sahasra could go for the second win.

Movie Info:

Radha Arts
Available in
1 December 2023
Quality option
1080p | 720p
Arun Vikkirala
Main Stars
Sudigali Sudheer, Dollysha, Spandana Palli

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