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Dive into the period spy thriller with Devil: The British Secret Agent. Directed by Abhishek Nama and Naveen Medaram, this Telugu spy thriller promises to take the audience on a thrilling ride across colonial India and offer a glimpse into a complex espionage plot. Featuring Nandamuri Kalyan Ram in the titular role of Agent Devil, the stellar cast offers to bring some of the biggest talents on the big screen.

devil movie release date
devil movie release date

With a periodic narrative set in the backdrops of 1945 India, here is the complete detail about this wonderful film of intrigue, betrayal and justice.

Meet the cast of Devil: The British Secret Agent

The cast of the film brings in the much needed depth to skilfully portray the complexities of each character on screen and adds an emotional weight to the storyline.

Main cast

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram brings his enigmatic on-screen presence in the role of Trivarna aka Agent Devil. The performance is quite compelling, and Ram is able to perfectly capture the duality of the double agent. His struggle to choose between loyalty and duty is quite a watch.

Opposite to Ram we have, Samyuktha Menon in the role of Nyshadha. She portrays a brilliant character that is skilfully put together to portray the complexities of love and loyalty within the INA.

The support cast

Other notable members from the support cast include the likes of Malvika Nair in the avatar of Agent Manimekala, Mark Bennington in the role of Bracken and

Vasishta N Simha as Agent Trojan. These characters come together and bring their own unique talents to the screen. Other character like Shafi, adds a layer of suspense.

devil movie 2023
devil movie 2023

This entire cast effectively brings the world of espionage to life.

Production of Devil: The British Secret Agent

Some amazing shots across Southern India coupled with soulful tracks from some of the biggest names of the industry, each composition lends to the overall build up of the narrative.


Credits for the brilliant music can be credited to Harshvardhan Rameshwar’s composition. Quite the standout feature. Songs like This Lady Rosy,

Maaye Chesi and more seems to perfectly complement the narrative and makes each scene quite impactful throughout the runtime.

Music rights were acquired by ICON Music and became quite popular with the audience.


Although the crew had a few setbacks during the production process, the entire stint is quite commendable. The filming schedule took the crew across a list of diverse locations like Hyderabad and Vishakhapatnam that brilliantly captured the backdrops of colonial India.

devil movie collection
devil movie collection

And even though creators decided to switch the director from Naveen Medaram to Abhishek Nama, production was not hindered by this transition.

Exploring the plot of Devil: The British Secret Agent

The audience is thwarted into the front seat as they are introduced to the protagonist, Agent Devil who goes on an undercover mission to find

out who is responsible for Vijaya’s death. The creators had done a great job of interconnecting the personal and political to create a web of conspiracies. Plus, Devil’s evolving relation with Nyshadha adds a layer of emotion to the narrative.

Love and espionage

The narrative navigates the intricacies of espionage and introduces the audience to characters like Agent Trojan and Bracken,

the chief of the IPI unit. Later, it is also revealed that Agent Devil is Trivarna in real life.

The audience also gets a glimpse of the brewing love between Devil and Nyshadha as the creators explore the themes of love

and betrayal. Soon, the characters are faced with emotional turmoilthat threatens to change their lives forever.

Twists and turns

Amidst all the political turmoil of the era, Devil’s pursuit of justice takes a detour and culminates in the climax of the film. An intense showdown between the INA and IPI.

devil movie review
devil movie review

The revelation of Agent Trojan’s identity and the decision of Agent Devil to continue as a British secret agent culminate in what many would call a

thought-provoking conclusion. And akin to any well crafted espionage mission of the post-independence era,

the film promises to unfurl surprises at every turn to leave the audience astounded.

Devil: The British Secret Agent: A take on colonial India

While filled with lovely Action movie sequences and excellent on-screen chemistry, Devil: The British Secret Agent does a brilliant job

of portraying pre-independence India. Transcending the boundaries of the genre, the creators’ choice of locations and backdrops are surely to transport viewers to a by-gone era.

And couple that in with Kalyan Ram’s enigmatic performance, supported by a talented ensemble,

the film really stands to be a great cinematic experience  on the big screen. The soundtrack and cinematography

do a great job of encapsulating the era’s essence which when combined with an intricate plot makes for a great watch.

With an industry saturated with spy thrillers like Mission Majnu, Animal and more, this film breaks several conventions of the genre to

offer an engaging experience. It challenges the audience to engage with its multi-layered and nuanced narrative. A prompt to reflect on the blurred lines between loyalty,

duty and love. Something what the protagonist constantly struggles throughout the runtime as he battles a world fraught with political intrigue. Devil: The British Secret Agent is an experience that lingers,

leaving the audience with a sense of awe at the intricacies of the human spirit.


As we peer deep into the annals of Devil: The British Secret Agent, it becomes quite evident what the film is trying to mirror as it reflects on the mortal ambiguities

and sacrifices inherent in the pursuit of justice. Trivarna’s choice of spying on both the INA and IPI,

hints at the complexities of a world where emotions and morality are often sacrificed for a greater and bigger cause.

devil movie cast
devil movie cast

This spy thriller set in the backdrop of British India is not only a great entertainer but also a thought provoking one that invites the audience to question the ethical conundrums faced by many who are navigating the waters of espionage. The film stands as a testament to the ability of the filmmaker to seamlessly craft a narrative that goes beyond the superficial.


Movie Info:

Abhishek Pictures
Available in
29 December 2023
Quality option
1080p | 720p
Hindi, Telugu
Abhishek Nama
Main Stars
Elnaaz Norouzi, Samyuktha Menon, Nandamuri Kalyan Ram

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