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2024 saw the release of Telugu action thriller Eagle, starring Ravi Teja in the titular role. Directed by Karthik Gattamneni and produced under the banners of People Media Factory by Vivek Kuchibhotla and TG Vishwa Prasad, Eagle was released in February 9, 2024 along with major releases like Lal Salaam.

This film starring Ravi Teja, Navdeep, Kayva Thapar and Anupama Parameswaran was release worldwide to a bunch of mixed reviews from both the critics and audiences alike.

If you are planning to catch this Action thriller, here is everything to know about the film.

Basic details of Eagle

The film was directed by Karthik Gattamneni, who also took care of the screenplay along with Manibabu Karanam. Cinematography was handled by the director along with Karm Chawla and Kamil Plocki. Music for the film was composed by Davzand. Made on a modest budget of 35 crores, the film was able to rake in a mere 25 crores. Eagle and Devil has a total runtime of 156 minutes, captivating the audiences with its gripping storyline.

Eagle release

While the creators initially promised for a January 2024 release date, the production faced some delays which meant that the release timeline was pushed back to February 2024. This was primarily due to scheduling conflicts with other films that released during the Sankranti weekend.

eagle movie collection
eagle movie collection

This meant that the creators were able to avoid any clashes with other box office releases which in turn ensured a more favourable reception for the film when it was released in theatres. Plus, a Hindi dub version, titled Sahadev helped to reach audiences across linguistic boundaries.

Casting for Eagle

The creators behind the screen did a brilliant job of bringing each character to life on the big screen. Boasting a stellar cast, here is the complete details about the casting for Eagle.

Main cast

In the leading roles, we have Ravi Teja gracing the big screen with his role as Sahadev Varma aka Eagle. Sharing screen time with Teja we have the dynamic Anupama Parameswaram in the role of Nalini. The duo had a captivating chemistry on the screen, which paved way for a compelling narrative. Navdeep also brings his charisma in the role of Jai, Sahadev’s friend.

eagle movie budget
eagle movie budget

Support cast

The supporting cast of the film was no slouch either and talents such as Vinay Rai, Ajay Ghosh, David Price, Madhoo, Srinivas Avasarala and more who did great to further influence the world of Eagle and bring a more enriching experience to the narrative of the film.

Plot for Eagle

The writers do a great job in delivering a compelling story for the viewers. With Ravi Teja leading the star cast, the plot can be divided into two distinct parts, with each contributing highly to the unfolding narrative of the film.

Sahadev falls in love

The plot of the film revolves around Sahadev Varma, a contract killer who falls in love with Rachana. This relationship transforms him in a benevolent soul which caused him to rethink the ways of his past. Now, taking on the role of the cotton farmer in the Talakona forest, Sahadev navigates the world of illegal arms trade, fuelled by a desire for redemption.

Sahadev’s hidden past

With Nalini Rao, a journalist delving deep into the mysterious past of Sahadev, the plot thickens which reveals a different layer of intrigue and deception for the audience.

eagle movie rating
eagle movie rating

Though a series of encounters and revelations on screen, does the rue motive of Eagle comes to life. This high drama culminates in a suspenseful climax that is sure to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.

Critical review of Eagle

The film comes with quite the compelling premise, however, a series of unplanned execution, especially in the first half of the film falls short of impressive. Excessive exposition and verbal dialogues detract from the visual storytelling which resulted in a very disjointed effort. Although the second half comes up as a saving grace for the film.

Excellent performances

Navdeep and the other leads put forth a very memorable performance. Despite some of the major flaws in cinematography, the film was able to capture the vibrant hues of the village festivals and the lust forest landscapes.

eagle movie release date
eagle movie release date

The initial buildup of Sahadev’s character and his past do seem a little bit stretched out as the dialogues fell short of establishing Sahadev’s persona on the big screen. Plus, a slow pacing of the narrative left the audience yearning for more substance from the creators.

The saving grace

The second half of the film felt much more cohesive and offered a great respite from the boring and sluggish first half to showcase a different side of Sahadev and his motivations. The on-screen romance between Rachana and Sahadev was also quite compelling against a backdrop of danger and intrigue. This offered another depth to the narrative of the film. The supporting cast injected the much needed vitality to the plot and their chemistry with the lead cast does seem quite natural which kept the audience immersed in the world of Eagle.

The female leads to brought forth the best of performances by breathing life into their characters. Kavya and Anupama went on to do a great job of adding a more emotional depth to the core of the film.

Despite all its shortcomings and flaws in the major technical aspects of the film, the creators were able to perfectly capture the vibrant hues of the Talakona forest for a more immersive experience on the big screen. And with the production design adding a new layer of authenticity to the storytelling, the film was able to captivate the audience in the world of Eagle.

eagle movie review
eagle movie review

Eagle remains a film with much untapped potential. And hindered by a slow pacing and convoluted narrative, the ultimate experience falls quite short of delivering the cohesive storyline audiences wanted. However, with some moments of brilliance and commendable performances by the lead cast of the film, many have willingly overlooked the flaws of the film.

As the credits roll, one can’t help but imagine on the plethora of missed opportunities. But the creative work behind the scenes served as a platform for good storytelling, albeit with some faults.

Movie Info:

People Media Factory
Available in
9 February 2024
Quality option
1080p | 720p
Karthik Gattamneni
Main Stars
Ravi Teja, Anupama Parameswaran, Madhoo, Kavya Thapar

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