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Usher in another riveting addition to Netflix’s roster of original series, House of Ninjas is a web series that beckons viewers to dive into the enchanting world of the shinobi. Coming in from the brilliant mind of Dave Boyle, this Japanese tv sensation made its digital debut on February 15, 2024, and promises to bring a narrative blended with ancient traditions and familial bonds.

Episodes of House of Ninjas

Not to be confused with House of Cards, directed by Dave Boyle and Kanto Kaku,

house of ninjas download
house of ninjas download

this Netflix original is divided into eight chapters that bring audiences closer to the vibrant yet chilling world of the Shinobis. It was released on February 15, 2024.

The Offer

Haru Tawara finds himself caught between his budding infatuation with a mysterious woman and the struggles plaguing his family’s brewery.

The Trail

Haru accompanies Karen on an investigation into a whistleblower’s apartment, delving into the murky depths of corporate deceit. Meanwhile, other members of the Tawara clan feel the pull of destiny,

tempted to break free from the constraints of their ordinary lives.

The Flower

Haru and Yoko embark on separate missions, only to find themselves navigating unexpected twists and turns.

The Resurrection

Karen confides in Haru about a long-held suspicion, unveiling layers of intrigue and deception. Soichi receives a disturbing phone call, plunging him into a sleepless night haunted by ominous forebodings.

house of ninjas cast
house of ninjas cast

The Confession

As Riku delves deeper into his family’s secrets, revelations about Gentenkai, a mysterious cult, unearth painful memories of a tragedy that occurred six years prior.

The Stranger

An unexpected reunion shakes the foundations of the Tawara household, leaving them questioning loyalties and alliances. Meanwhile, Soichi and Yoko inch closer to unravelling a sinister conspiracy that threatens to engulf them all.

The Trade

In a desperate bid to save Karen’s life, Haru makes a fateful promise to Hama-san, thrusting him into the dangerous world of clandestine dealings.

The Eclipse

As a looming threat casts a shadow over their lives, the Tawaras must unite to confront their adversaries head-on. With honour, family, and countless lives at stake, they must stand together in the face of adversity.

Each episode was directed by Kanto Kanu and Dave Boyle to bring us a grim view into the world of House of Ninjas.

Plot of House of Ninjas

Following the story of the Tawara family, House of Ninjas is a tale of riveting action and redemption and a look at one’s legacy. Here is a spoiler free outlook to the story of House of Ninjas.

house of ninjas movies
house of ninjas movies

Meet the Tawara Family

Set against the backdrop of modern day Japan, the plot of the web series chronicles the struggle of the Tawara family in their journey to reconcile with their ancient legacy as shinobi despite all their attempts for normalcy. Tragedy struck the family six years back when the eldest son, Gaku Tawara lost his life during a fateful mission.

Embracing the Ninja Heritage

In the aftermath of the death of their son, the family retracted their ways from the ninja heritage and struck out to seek ordinary lives. However, destiny has made other plans for the family as new threats emerge that force them to confront their past and embrace their legacy once more.

The cast of House of Ninjas

Netflix and the creators brought on their usual best to bring the finest talents to the screen. And with a sound main cast and riveting supporting cast to enrich the narrative, it is one not to be missed.

House of Ninjas Main cast

Kento Kaku leads the ensemble in his role of Haru Tawara. Kaku with his brilliant portrayal of the lead breathes a compelling blend of vulnerability and resilience into the plot. Alongside, there is Yosuke Eguchi in the role of Souichi Tawara, a stoic patriarch wresting with the torments of his past.

Adding further depth is Tae Kimura with her portrayal of Yoko Tawara, the steadfast matriarch of the Tawara family. Kengo Kora offers his presence on screen as Gaku Tawara, the departed son who shapes the complete dynamics of the Tawara family. Rounding off the Tawara family is Nagi Tawara played by Aju Makita.

house of ninjas release date
house of ninjas release date

Together the lead cast brings forth an intricate balance of reality and groundedness to the storyline.

Support cast

Adding her gravitas to the narrative we have Taki Tawara played by Nobuko Miyamoto, the venerable grandmother in the family. Riho Yoshika injects a dose of outsider perspective as Karen Ito. Jin Hamashima was portrayed by Tomorowo Taguchi. Jin is the enigmatic figurehead of the Bureau of Ninja Management. Other notable additions to the supporting cast included the likes of Pierre Taki, Tenta Banka, Mariko Tsutsui, Bambi Naka and others who brilliantly rounded off the ensemble to contribute to the rich tapestry of the characters.

House of Ninjas: Reception

Since launch the web series has garnered positive reviews from all across and has been able to top Netflix’s charts.

House of Ninjas Movies Critical reception

Despite formidable competition from other launches, House of Ninjas has been able to secure the spot among the top watched TV shows in the United States, and that too within its debut week. The web series has been rocking a flawless score of review platforms both from critics and audiences. A quick peek at the tons of critical acclaim for its perfect blend of drama, humour and action across all its episodes.

The need for introspection

The audience was too in praise for the standout performances from the likes of Kento Kaku in the role of Haru Tawara. Despite all the praises,

some have pointed to the unexplored desire to understand Japanese culture and history, lamenting the need for introspection.

But amid all this, the web series lives up to the commitment of the creators to showcase diverse narratives to a global audience that resonates well with those hungry for authentic storytelling.

house of ninjas total episodes
house of ninjas total episodes

In culmination over its eight episodes, House of Ninjas has emerged as a modern day tale that is steeped in history and tradition. With a compelling character arc and intricate plotline waiting to be explored blended with some spectacular action sequences,

the creators can transport viewers into a world where the past collides with the present to pave a path towards an uncertain future.

Embark on an exhilarating journey across the world of the shinobis and journey along with the Tawara family,

in their attempt to remind us that true strength lies not lurking in the shadows but in the bond of the family that unites us all.

Movie Info:

Toho Studios
Available in
February 15, 2024
Quality option
1080p | 720p
Hindi, Japanese
Dave Boyle
Main Stars
Kento Kaku, Yosuke Eguchi, Tae Kimura

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