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Anthology films have become quite popular in recent years and streaming platforms have been churning out quality content ever since. A collection of short stories that enrich our lives with their tales. Lantrani became the newest addition to the lineup with its collection of three compelling stories that promise to be a unique blend of simplicity and realism. With three veteran directors helming each of the three episodes, Lantrani deserves attention for its wonderful stories. And coupled with a talented cast of actors, viewers should expect nothing but the very best.

Key details about Lantrani

With three unique stores to bring, here is everything to know about the anthology New Drama web series.

Direction and writing

The web series features three episodes, directed by Gurvinder Singh, Kaushik Ganguly and Bhaskar Hazarika. The episodes are titled Sanitized Samachar, Dharna Mana Hai and Hud Hud Dabang. Writing for the series is credited to Durgesh Singh.

lantrani movie review
lantrani movie review

Lead cast of Lantrani

The creators brought forth a myriad of talents from across the industry. Major roles were helmed by the likes of Jisshu Sengupta, Johnny Lever and Jitendra Kumar.

Support cast

The supporting cast also boasted a ton of talented faces featuring the likes of Boloram Das, Nimisha Sajayan, Preeti Hansraj Sharma and others. The supporting cast was able to enrich the world of Lantrani and Bhakshak with each one bringing their finest on screen.

A closer look at the Lantrani episodes

Kaushik Ganguly, Bhaskar Hazarika and Gurvinder Singh brought their directorial finesse to the screen and made sure to deliver some amazing narratives. Here is a quick look at the three episodes.

Sanitized Samachar

Directed by Bhaskar Hazarika, this episode serves as the pilot for Lantrani. This episode presents viewers with a narrative set during the pandemic. Revolving around the struggles of the news channel, the story brilliantly follows the team on the channel as they produce a primetime bulletin sponsored by a shady sanitiser company.

lantrani movie release date
lantrani movie release date

While the premise of the episode holds great promise to deliver a social satire, the execution was lacklustre. Lacking depth to engage the viewers, the lack of substance and coherence was quite evident. And despite some amazing performances from Johnny Lever, the first episode fails to make its mark.

Dharna Mana Hai

Gurvinder Singh’s segment, Dharna Mana Hai brings us a grim exploration of caste discrimination and rural activism. Delivering some of the most memorable performances after Panchayat, Jitendra Kumar paired up with Nimisha Sajayan to showcase a determined couple who are protesting against injustices entrenched in rural society. The silent yet powerful performance from the duo resonated authenticity and despite a few occasional tonal inconsistencies, the narrative was able to engage the viewers.

lantrani movie download
lantrani movie download

The episode is able to successfully depict the complexities of grassroots activism and the struggles many have to go through in order to free themselves from oppression.

Hud Hud Dabang

Kaushik Ganguly injects a dose of absurdity with a classic courtroom drama. The entire narrative of the episode revolves around an inmate and a retiring cop. Johnny Level brings his usual best to the screen in the role of the police officer who is grappling with his newfound responsibilities. Quite a showcase of the versatility of the actor. Jisshu Sengupta plays the role of the inmate who is able to capture the viewers with some amazingly emotive performances.

Despite some occasional hiccups in the form of heavy handed dialogue and slapstick moments, the director is able to weave in a very compelling storyline that treads carefully on the blurred lines between comedy and tragedy.

Lantrani Star Performances

The cast did a great job of bringing three unique stories to life. With some amazing on screen chemistry, the portrayal has been nothing short of amazing.

Johnny Lever and Jisshu Sengupta

Known as the comedy king of Johnny Lever, the actor brings on a different shade in his role as the retired cop in Hud Hud Dabang. A testament to the versatility of the actor, the performance was subtly nuanced that really transcended expectations. From some moments of comedic brilliance to heavy introspection, Lever commands the screen with his charisma. Enough to leave a very lasting impression.

lantrani movie director
lantrani movie director

Complementing Lever is Jisshu Sengupta as the morose inmate. The duo became the real highlight of the episode. A vast showcase of the actors’ ability to recreate complex emotions is truly amazing. Although the script allowed less dialogue to Sengupta, he is still able to captivate with his brief time. This does well to add depth to the narrative.

The cast of Sanitized Samachar

Although many have pointed to the faltered execution, the cast did well to hold the narrative together with their performances. This was a saver for the entire segment which was plagued by incoherence. Talents like Aditya Pandey, Romita Sarkar, Boloram Das and others did justice to their respective roles and were able to infuse authenticity and energy during the episode’s runtime.

Jitendra Kumar and Nimisha Sajayan

Dharna Mana Hai became the showcase for the brilliance of the duo of Jitendra Kumar and Nimisha Sajayan. Both delivered amazing performances and coupled with great on screen chemistry, they were able to anchor the entire segment. Navigating the societal injustices is impactful which weaves a narrative that leaves a lasting impact on the audience. And as the couple begin their journey for justice, Sajayan is able to deliver complex emotions through silent expressions. Quite the showcase for the skills of both actors.

lantana movie cast
lantana movie cast

Lantrani, through its collection of three short stories in three episodes is able to explore diverse themes of social satire, activism and human resilience. While not without its flaws, the anthology web series delivers thought provoking stories brought to life by some of the most talented directors. And couple that with some amazing performances from the stellar cast, Lantrani proves to be a worthy addition to the genre. Brilliantly showcasing the richness and diversity of Indian cinema, this web series challenges conventions and celebrates the art of storytelling through its deep world and lore.

Movie Info:

Neeljai Films
Available in
09 February 2024
Quality option
1080p | 720p
Kaushik Ganguly, Bhaskar Hazarika, Gurvinder Singh
Main Stars
Rajesh Awasthi, Boloram Das, Jitendra Kumar

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