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One Day: Justice Delivered a 2019 Bollywood thriller that takes audiences on a suspenseful journey through the dark underbelly of crime and corruption. Directed by Ashok Nanda and featuring Anupam Kher and Esha Gupta in pivotal roles, this film unfolds a gripping tale of vigilante justice and moral ambiguity.

One Day: Justice Delivered Movie A Race Against Time

One Day: Justice Delivered Movie follows the story of retired judge Tyagi (played by Anupam Kher),

who finds himself drawn back into the world of crime-solving when a series of mysterious deaths point towards a larger conspiracy.

One Day: Justice Delivered Download
One Day: Justice Delivered Download

Teaming up with a fierce and determined crime branch officer, Laxmi Rathi (played by Esha Gupta), Tyagi embarks on a race against time to unravel the truth and deliver justice to the victims.

Unraveling Layers of Deceit

As Tyagi and Rathi delve deeper into the investigation, they uncover a web of deceit, betrayal, and political intrigue that threatens to shake the foundations of the justice system. With each revelation, the stakes are raised, leading to a heart-pounding climax where the lines between right and wrong blur, and justice hangs in the balance.

Anupam Kher’s Commanding Performance

Anupam Kher delivers a commanding performance as Judge Tyagi, imbuing the character with gravitas, wisdom, and a steely resolve to uphold the principles of justice at any cost. His portrayal captures the complexities of a man torn between duty and

personal vendettas, adding depth and nuance to the film’s central conflict.

Esha Gupta’s Riveting Portrayal

Esha Gupta shines as the relentless and determined officer Laxmi Rathi,

bringing a sense of urgency and intensity to her performance. Her portrayal of a woman fighting against the odds in a male-dominated world is both empowering and compelling,

elevating the film with her undeniable presence and charisma.

Exploring Themes of Morality and Justice

One Day: Justice Delivered delves into thought-provoking themes of morality, justice, and the gray areas that lie in between. Through its intricate plot and complex characters, the film raises questions about the nature of truth,

the limits of vigilantism, and the price of seeking justice in a corrupt society.

One Day: Justice Delivered Movie Audience Reception and Impact

One Day: Justice Delivered received mixed reviews from critics,

it found favor with audiences for its gripping storyline, intense performances, and thought-provoking themes.

One Day: Justice Delivered Movie
One Day: Justice Delivered Movie

Despite its modest box office performance, the film left a lasting impression on viewers

who appreciated its suspenseful narrative and moral dilemmas.

Movie Info:

Dneev Films
Available in
July 5, 2019
Quality option
Full HD
Ashok Nanda
Main Stars
Anupam Kher, Kumud Mishra, Esha Gupta

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