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Venturing into the world of Malayalam entertainment, Perilloor Premier League stands tall as a Comedy web series that intricately weaves satire, politics, and social commentary into its narrative fabric. Directed by Praveen Chandran and available for streaming on Disney+ Hotstar, this series has gained significant attention for its distinctive storyline, memorable characters, and sharp wit.

Unique Setting and Intriguing Characters of Perilloor Premier League

Set in the fictional town of Perilloor, nestled within the Valluvanad area of Palakkad district in northern Kerala, the series distinguishes itself with its distinctiveness. From its quaint setting to the peculiar traits of its characters, Perilloor Premier League captures attention from the get-go.

perilloor premier league hotstar
perilloor premier league hotstar

The series boasts a diverse cast, including renowned actors like Vijayaraghavan, Ashokan, Nikhila Vimal, and Sunny Wayne. Vijayaraghavan’s portrayal of Peethambaran, the cunning politician, is reminiscent of his stellar performances in movies like Drishyam and Spirit. Ashokan, known for his versatile roles, shines as Keman Soman, adding depth to the perpetual political rivalries depicted in the series.

Unique Setting: Perilloor’s Quirky Charm

The fictional town of Perilloor, nestled in the Valluvanad area of Palakkad district, emerges as a character in its own right within the series. It distinguishes itself with distinctive nuances that add depth and intrigue to the storyline. Notably, even the smallest details, such as the vehicles bearing the initials PL instead of the conventional KL in Kerala, contribute to the town’s distinctiveness. This attention to detail underscores the exclusivity of the events within the series, highlighting Perilloor’s unique identity within the narrative.

Intriguing Characters: Diverse Personalities in Perilloor

The series boasts a diverse ensemble cast, each character bearing unique and peculiar traits that enrich the storyline. From Peethambaran, the cunning politician portrayed by Vijayaraghavan, to Keman Soman, his relentless political rival played by Ashokan, each character brings depth and complexity to the narrative. Malavika, portrayed by Nikhila Vimal, stands out as a character conflicted between personal aspirations and political maneuvers, adding a layer of depth to the story. The series thrives on these intricately woven characters, each contributing their own eccentricities and motivations to the vibrant tapestry of Perilloor Premier League.

Synopsis of Perilloor Premier League: Politics, Romance, and Intrigue

At its core, the story revolves around Peethambaran, a seasoned politician played by Vijayaraghavan. His inability to participate in the Panchayat election due to legal complications sets the stage for a compelling political drama. Opposing him consistently is Keman Soman, portrayed by the talented Ashokan, in a perpetual quest for victory.

perilloor premier league cast
perilloor premier league cast

The entry of Peethambaran’s niece, Malavika (Nikhila Vimal), into the political arena adds a fresh dynamic. Her reluctant venture into the election, driven by her affection for Sreeraman (Sunny Wayne), sets the stage for conflicts, both personal and political.

Politics: A Perilous Arena

The series dives headfirst into the intricate world of politics, with Peethambaran, portrayed by Vijayaraghavan, at its center. His seasoned political prowess and the legal hurdles preventing his participation in the Panchayat election set the stage for intense rivalries and strategic maneuvering. Opposing him is the persistent Keman Soman, played by Ashokan, in a relentless pursuit of victory. The power play, cunning tactics, and the dynamics of a small-town political landscape become the canvas upon which the narrative paints its compelling storyline.

Romance and Personal Turmoil

Amidst the political chaos, the series beautifully intertwines the theme of romance and personal conflicts. Malavika, portrayed by Nikhila Vimal, initially hesitant due to her academic pursuits, finds herself drawn into the election race at the behest of her uncle, Peethambaran. Her motivation? Love for Sreeraman, played by Sunny Wayne, a resident of Perilloor. This romantic subplot intertwines with the larger political landscape, creating personal dilemmas and conflicts that add emotional depth and complexity to the series’ narrative.

Perilloor Premier League :Brilliant Performances and Cinematic Expertise

The series showcases stellar performances by the ensemble cast. Vijayaraghavan and Ashokan excel in bringing their characters to life, drawing from their vast experience in the industry. Nikhila Vimal’s portrayal of Malavika adds depth and emotional resonance to the series, while Sunny Wayne’s comedic timing shines through, reminiscent of his roles in Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi and Annayum Rasoolum.

perilloor premier league episodes list
perilloor premier league episodes list

Perilloor Premier League features a stellar cast whose talents extend beyond this satirical web series. Vijayaraghavan, known for his roles in Drishyam, Spirit, and Aadu 2, brings his seasoned expertise to the character of Peethambaran. Ashokan, acclaimed for his versatility in movies like Nadodikkattu, Godfather, and Commissioner, shines as Keman Soman, the perpetual political rival. Nikhila Vimal, recognized for her performances in Love 24×7, Aravindante Athidhikal, and Oru Yamandan Premakadha, portrays the conflicted character of Malavika. Sunny Wayne, celebrated for his roles in Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi, Annayum Rasoolum, and June, adds his comedic flair to the series as Sreeraman. These actors, with their diverse filmography and impressive talent, contribute significantly to the charm and appeal of Perilloor Premier League.

Brilliant Performances: Bringing Characters to Life

The ensemble cast of Perilloor Premier League delivers stellar performances that breathe life into the multifaceted characters of this satirical series.

Vijayaraghavan, known for his powerful portrayals in movies like Drishyam and Spirit, embodies Peethambaran’s cunning political persona with finesse. Ashokan, equally versatile, elevates the perpetual political rivalry as Keman Soman, showcasing his depth as an actor.

Nikhila Vimal’s portrayal of Malavika brings emotional depth to the series. Her performance resonates with authenticity, capturing Malavika’s internal conflict between personal desires and familial obligations.

perilloor premier league movie rating
perilloor premier league movie rating

Sunny Wayne, recognized for his roles in Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi and Annayum Rasoolum, infuses Sreeraman with impeccable comedic timing. His portrayal adds a layer of humor that resonates throughout the series.

Cinematic Expertise: Visual Appeal and Technical Brilliance

The series boasts top-notch technical expertise that enhances the visual appeal and storytelling.

National Award winner Vinesh Bengalan’s meticulous attention to detail enriches the visual landscape of Perilloor. His work creates an immersive world that authentically reflects the town’s unique quirks and characteristics.

Anoop V Shylaja’s cinematography adds depth and visual richness to the series. His skillful framing and use of light heighten the comedic moments, contributing to the overall storytelling.

The series benefits from an outstanding background score that perfectly complements the narrative. It enhances the humorous sequences, adding to the overall entertainment value of the show.

Satirical Commentary and Societal Critique in Perilloor Premier League

Perilloor Premier League emerges as a biting satire, cleverly dissecting various aspects of society. It fearlessly critiques superstitions, fake atheism, and the intricate political system. The series challenges the norms and absurdities of blind faith, offering a thought-provoking narrative.Perilloor Premier League boldly embraces satire as a potent tool to dissect societal norms, beliefs, and political intricacies. Through cleverly woven narratives and character interactions, the series fearlessly pokes at various societal aspects, revealing their absurdities.

Challenging Superstitions and Fake Atheism

The series doesn’t shy away from critiquing blind faith and superstitions prevalent in society. It offers a sharp commentary on the absurdities of blindly following traditions and beliefs without questioning their validity. Whether it’s superstitions deeply rooted in the culture or the portrayal of fake atheism, the show cleverly challenges these facets, urging viewers to question and analyze their own beliefs.

perilloor premier league review
perilloor premier league review

Scathing Critique of the Political System

Perilloor Premier League doesn’t merely scratch the surface; it delves deep into the political sphere. Through the characters’ interactions and the storyline’s political backdrop, the series offers a scathing critique of the flaws within the political system. It highlights the cunning maneuvers and complexities inherent in political rivalries, shedding light on the less savory aspects of the system while entertaining audiences with its astute observations.

In essence, Perilloor Premier League excels in using satire to not only entertain but also to compel viewers to reflect on societal norms, superstitions, and the political landscape. It serves as a mirror, urging introspection and discussion about these prevalent yet often overlooked aspects of our society.

Movie Info:

Mukesh R Mehta
Available in
05 Jan 2024
Quality option
1080p | 720p
Praveen Chandran
Main Stars
Sunny Wayne , Vijayaraghavan , Asokan , Aju Varghese , Nikhila Vimal

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