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Salaar features Prabhas in his first pan-Indian film following the blockbuster success of the Baahubali franchise. He plays the role of Deva, a tribesman who shares a strong bond of friendship with Prithviraj Sukumaran’s character Vardha, the prince of a powerful city-state called Khansaar. When Vardha’s father Raja Mannar orders the destruction of Deva’s tribe,

leading him to vow revenge, their friendship is put to the ultimate test.

salaar cast
salaar cast

Shruti Haasan plays the pivotal role of Aadhya, the daughter of a business tycoon who gets caught in the middle of the power struggle in Khansaar. The film promises high-octane action sequences choreographed by international technicians on a grand scale. With the combination of director Prashanth Neel and composer Ravi Basrur of KGF fame,

the expectations are sky-high for Salaar to deliver a thrilling cinematic experience.

Cast of Salaar

Salaar boasts of a powerful star cast led by Pan-India superstar Prabhas and Malayalam star Prithviraj. The two actors play fierce rivals which serves as the crux of this high-octane actioner. Shruti Haasan essays the role of the strong female lead, crucial to taking the story forward. Here are some insights on the star cast of Salaar:

Lead Roles

Prabhas is one of Telugu cinema’s biggest superstars today after the enormous success of the Baahubali series. His pairing with Malayalam superstar Prithviraj Sukumaran,

who plays the parallel lead as Vardha, is a huge draw for pan-Indian audiences. Their chemistry and on-screen rivalry is expected to be one of the highlights of Salaar.

salaar full movie
salaar full movie

Shruti Haasan, last seen on screen in Tovino Thomas’s Kolaambi, has an author-backed role as the strong female lead Aadhya in the movie. Her character is crucial to driving the plot of the film. It would be exciting to see her performance sharing screen space with the two big stars.

Supporting Roles

Salaar and Ayalaan boasts of a stellar ensemble supporting cast, featuring veteran actors like Jagapathi Babu, Easwari Rao, Tinnu Anand, and Ramachandra Raju. They lend gravitas to the fictional world depicted in the film.

Young actors like Bobby Simha, John Vijay, Sriya Reddy, and Pramod Panju play key roles as members of Vardha’s family and associates who get entangled in the power struggle plaguing Khansaar. While their roles help move the plot, their confrontations with Prabhas promise to be whistle-worthy moments for fans.

salaar movie
salaar movie

The massive scale of Salaar’s fictional world is established by its grand casting itself. The film reportedly features close to 5000 junior artistes as soldiers, tribes people, and commoners inhabiting the realm of Khansaar. International stunt choreographers have been roped in to film high-octane fight sequences featuring the lead cast.

Plot of Salaar

Salaar follows the story of two friends, Deva and Vardha, whose childhood friendship is tested by a vow of vengeance. They are reunited years later when Deva must rescue a girl, bringing the two friends back together, only to have their bond further tested. What follows is an epic tale of the true depth of friendship between two men. Let’s understand in full detail.

The Story of a Powerful Friendship

At its core, Salaar chronicles the friendship between Deva and Vardha since their childhood in 1985. They grow up as inseparable companions until Raja Mannar orders the annihilation of Deva’s tribe, forcing him to leave Khansaar with a vow of vengeance. Their destinies collide in 2017 when Deva has to rescue a girl named Aadhya, catching the attention of a now-grown up Vardha. What follows next is bound to test their bonds to the limit.

The Battle for Power

The fictional realm of Khansaar has a bloody history of rulers being overthrown or massacring rival tribes. After Raja Mannar returns to restore Vardha as the heir apparent, a complex conspiracy follows with members of the royal family, ministers, and tribal warlords vying to seize the throne for themselves. A gritty survival tale unfolds as Vardha finds himself besieged on all sides following his decisive vote to lift the ceasefire imposed in Khansaar. With apocalyptic battles and betrayals aplenty, this struggle for power in a lawless dystopian land forms the central plot crux of Salaar.

Salaar Soundtrack

The high-voltage music album of Salaar has been composed by Ravi Basrur, the composer of KGF 1 and 2. Ravi Basrur and director Prashanth Neel share a successful partnership – their collaborations on the music albums of Ugramm and the KGF franchise has won widespread acclaim. True to the nature of the film, the songs have an adrenaline-pumping feel to them while rooted in folksy flavor.

salaar movie review
salaar movie review

The first single “Shwaasakatthe” is a pulse-pounding dance number celebrating the lead protagonist’s prowess. The second single titled “Jai Jai Shivshankara” is a devotion song

with foot-tapping beats, while the massy “Bhairavi” promises to be a chartbuster. Telugu lyricist Krishna Kanth’s soulful lyrics

blend beautifully with the powerful musical score.  Lead actor Prabhas himself has rendered his vocals for one song in the film,

which marks his debut as a playback singer.

The unique dystopian setting of Khansaar called for Ravi Basrur’s compositions to strike a fine balance between a contemporary chorus-heavy sound and folksy melodies rendered soulfully by singers alike Harini Ivaturi and Kanakavva. If the trailers are anything to go by, the background score takes the high-voltage drama up several notches, making it an immersive auditory experience for viewers.

Salaar Box Office collection

The mass Action film ‘Salaar’ starring Prabhas released in theaters on December 22nd. After the failure of Adipurush, Prabhas has rebounded with Salaar. Fueled by strong advance

bookings of over Rs 90 crore, Salaar was predicted to earn double of Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki on opening day. As per early estimates,

Salaar has registered an impressive day 1 collection of over Rs 95 crore in India and Rs 175 crore globally. With its mass appeal, Salaar is set for a huge box office run.

salaar release date
salaar release date

With its grand canvas, promising story line depicting a strong bond of friendship caught in the throes of an epic power battle, and electrifying star power, Salaar has all the makings of a potential blockbuster pan-Indian film that delivers massy entertainment. Director Prashanth Neel has raised expectations sky high by the way he has depicted cinematic scale and high-octane action in his previous films. Prabhas fans will be delighted to see their favorite star return to big screens after a gap of four years in this action vehicle. If Salaar meets the skyrocketing hype surrounding it, Indian cinema could have another history-making blockbuster in the making this year.

Movie Info:

Vijay Kirgandur
Available in
22 December 2023
Quality option
1080p | 720p
Telugu, Kannada
Ravi Basrur, Prashanth Neel
Main Stars
Prabhas, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Shruti Haasan, Easwari Rao, Jagapati Babu

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