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Directed by the brilliant Hari Kolagani, Shikaaru is a Telugu comedy Good Drama that was released in theatres on July 1st 2022. The film features Sai Dhansika, Tej Kurapati, Dheeraj Aathreya and more in the lead cast, with many other talents opting for a support role in the role to bring a film aimed to entertain the audiences with its perfectly unique narrative.

And coupled in with excellent cinematography by Vasili Shyam Prasad and editing by Venkateswara Rao Srungavarapu, the post production team went the extra mile to add to the technical appeal fo the film. Shikaaru is produced by Psr Kumar under the banner of Sri Sai Lakshmi Creations.

shikaaru movie release date
shikaaru movie release date

So, if you are planning to catch the film or download Shikaaru, here are the complete details about the film that you need to know about.

Story of Shikaaru

The main plot of the film is based against the backdrop of Kakinada which revolves around the story of college friends. The crux of the plot unveils when one of the four boys, Bobby falls in love with a married woman named Devika. The role of Devika is played by Sai Dhansika. With a spontaneous relationship between the two blossoming behind the scenes, Bobby is invited to Devika’s home when her husband is away for work. But with a twist of fate, her husband decides to come back early and Devika is perplexed. She tries to hide Bobby in the house, which leads to a series of funny yet tense situations.

Reviewing Shikaaru

The lead cast did a good job of bringing the characters to life and with a mix of fun to each individual, the comedy circus that ensures will take audiences on a hilarious ride.


Sai Dhansika delivers a very convincing portrayal of Devika, a character with too many unfulfilled desires. Her nuanced approach to play the role of the lonely housewife can be explored quite well in the second half and this does great to significantly add depth to the narrative.

shikaaru movie review
shikaaru movie review

The four lead males, too, had a decent screen presence and did well to deliver good performances in their respective roles. Depicting fun college students, the leads offered quite the complement to the character of Sai Dhansika.

A notable mention for supporting actors including Kishore, Chamak Chandra and more who bring on their additional comedic elements to the story, providing some of the funnier moments of the film.

A focus on the behind the scenes technicalities

However, not everything was perfect with other aspects of the film. Take, for instance, the music score, which, while acceptable, failed to find its spot like some of the other works of Sekhar Chandra like Brother of Bommali and Nanna Nenu Naa Boyfriends. The cinematography was a saving grace for the film with each frame utilising the perfect lighting options to enhance the look of every scene. Venkateshwara Rao S also does a good job with the post production editing and allows the film to progress at a linear pace to keep the runtime within reasonable limits.

Shikaaru movie
Shikaaru movie

The same cannot be said for the writing as Vishwa Karun could have done a lot more to inject the impact into the storyline. But, given the film had to work with a very limited budget, the production values are acceptable to show the commendable effort put in by the crew to bring the story to the big screen.

Analysing the idea behind Shikaaru

The plot can be dismissed as quite a common one and the director was not able to hold up the narrative with a solid punch. While the core idea of exploring the desires of a married woman does seem commendable, the film misses to embrace its genre by neglecting to include the much needed funny elements into the runtime.

Potential of the genre

Comedy dramas have proven to be one of the successful genres on the big screen which attracts viewers of all ages. Considering in the missed potential, the creators had ample scope to insert comedic moments but the audience soon realised something was amiss. And while attempts were made for crude humour, the narrative of the film lacked the depth it needed to go beyond conventional comedies. It will surely leave the audience wanting for more substance in the film.  Same thing as in the movie Neru.

shikaaru movie cast
shikaaru movie cast

The base idea being somewhat acceptable, the execution in many scenes falls literally flat, which results in a film that fails to leave any impression on the audience after the credits role. One might say, Shikaaru is quite an unmemorable movie.

Verdict on Shikaaru

There is no shortage of comedy entertainers in the Indian film industry and Shikaaru fails to stand out from the crowd of other releases. Despite some great performances from the likes of Sai Dhansika and the male lead actors, there seems to be some issue with the overall execution. The direction lacks in offering engaging moments throughout the runtime, ultimately leaving many with unmet expectations. It may not be an absolute comedy gem, but if you are in the mood for some light movies, Shikaaru can be a good watch.

Extended thoughts on Shikaaru

With every passing minute of the runtime, the shortcomings of the film become glaringly obvious. Critics pointed to the need for a more robust screenplay and direction. And the pacing of the film could have been leveraged with more sharper editing. This is especially true for sections where comedic timing was crucial. The character and on-screen chemistry between Bobby and Devika could have been explored to a greater extent to ensure an emotional investment from the audience.

shikaaru story
shikaaru story

However, despite all its flaws, Shikaaru will definitely find an audience among those looking for a light hearted movie. But more keen eyed veiwers might find themselves yearning for a more fulfilling experience. And with the credits rolling, the film leaves behind a trail of unmet expectations and a reminder of the potential that the film had when it was being created.

With a more adept handling of the core concepts of the film and lack of the right comedy mix, Shikaaru could have been far more of a family entertainer that it is.


Movie Info:

Sri Sai Lakshmi Films
Available in
1 July 2022
Quality option
1080p | 720p
Kolagani Hari Krishna
Main Stars
Sai Dhansika, Abhinav Medisetty, Tej kurapati

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