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Gippy Grewal returns to the big screen with a bang with the Punjabi film, Warning 2. Released in 2024, Warning 2 is the direct sequel of the superhit 2021 film, Warning. Stepping into the shoes of where its predecessor left off, Warning 2 promises to be an action packed narrative that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat till the credits roll.

Directed by Amar Hundal, coming in from the exceptional expertise of other action sagas like Babbar and Warning, takes viewers down on a familiar path of slowed up action sequences, perfect choreography of combat and a plethora of tough characters to make a gritty landscape.

warning 2 showtimes
warning 2 showtimes

Here is everything to know about Warning 2

Plot of Warning 2

Without wasting any time, the film thwarts audiences into the volatile world of Geja as he finds himself face to face with his arch nemesis.

The confrontation

Geja is moved to a prison along with Pamma, which sets the tone for the entire plot. Picking up from the last story, it weaves a story of vengeance and betrayal. And all of this is set in the confines of a remote prison. As the two confront in the claustrophobic confines, the simmering tension between the two threatens to erupt into a full scale riot in the prison.

The film dives into the inner mechanics of the characters to shed light on the complex dynamics between Geja and Pamma, along with several other characters embroiled in their vendettas. This allows the viewers to dive into Geja’s dark past and his journey of transformation from a victim of tragedy to a ferocious avenger.

The climax

The plot of Warning 2 reaches a boiling point as Officer Ranjit Singh enters the tussle. The introduction of the suspended officer into the mix, with his enigmatic persona and shadowy motivations adds a new intrigue to the plot.

warning 2 release date
warning 2 release date

Officer Singh’s problematic history with Gaja becomes the primary fuel to the file that boosts the plot into a climactic showdown where loyalties are tested in the crucible of violence.

The cast of Warning 2

Viewers of the film can expect a lot of familiar faces from the first instalment. Here is a quick rundown of the cast from Warning 2.

Main roles

Coming on the big screen with a commanding presence, Gippy Grewal becomes the magnetic presence on screen. Playing the role of Geja, Grewal brings back his iconic role from the previous film. Alongside him is Prince Kanwaljit Singh, who shines as Pamma. The duo infuse charisma and cunningness on screen as each of the interactions between the two crackles with tension.

Supporting cast

The support cast features a good amount of talent from the likes of Jaggi Singh, Rahul Dev, Jasmine Bhasin and more. With each delivering a solid all round performance, it did wonders to add authenticity to the narrative. Each character, from the stoic Keepa, played by Dheeraj Kumar to the unpredictable Rana, played by Jaggi Singh does their part in this action flick and helps to move the plot forward.

warning 2 movie
warning 2 movie

Dheeraj as Keepa, blows the audience with his perfect portrayal of the loyal henchman torn between loyalty and duty. A perfect addition to the cast that adds a touch of humanity to the otherwise ruthless world of Warning 2. Jaggi Singh’s Rana to exudes menace and volatility to serve as a formidable adversary to Pamma and Geja alike.

Warning 2: A critical look at the story

While the film does a terrific job of holding to the success of its predecessor, not all was perfect for Warning 2. From a lack of coherence to an overwhelming plot, some were a definite miss for the film. Here is a quick overview of the praises and misses for Warning 2.

A visual treat with a lack of scope

The second instalment to the franchise to maintain a pulse pounding momentum that was left behind by its predecessor and thanks to Amar Hundal’s strong direction and Baljit Singh Deo’s atmospheric cinematography, the big screen experience is simply brilliant.

With some stylised action setpieces and gritty aesthetics, the film is able to immerse the viewers in its brutal world.

warning 2 cast
warning 2 cast

The high ambition of the film occasionally worked against it, as multiple characters and subplots presented throughout the run time simply held up the central narrative which can seem to be overwhelming for the audience. This in turn, results in an uneven pacing of the narrative with certain sequences feeling a bit disjointed or even rushed. This detracts from the overall impact of the story.

Underwhelming performances to weigh down the plot

While Gippy Grewal and Prince Kanwaljit Singh deliver some noteworthy performances, their characters too feel a bit underutilised or thinly sketched. With lacking motivations and character arcs devoid of much complexity, the efforts do feel somewhat unworthy. However, Officer Ranjit Singh’s (Rahul Dev) appearance was a saving grace for the film that injected the film with a dose of unpredictability anytime he was on screen.

In its eternal pursuit of action and spectacle on the big screen, Warning 2 occasionally sacrifices its plot coherence and character development which leaves many with a craving for a more substantial narrative backbone. The climax does set the stage for the potential sequel which is a hint at further confrontations and revelations in the ongoing saga of Pamma and Geja’s rivalry.

Warning 2 2024
Warning 2 2024

Warning 2 is a worthy successor to the first film and offers fans of Punjabi cinema another dose of adrenaline-fueled thrills and spills. Booming with a sprawling cast and relentless action, although overwhelming at times, the film delivers on the promise of high octane entertainment. Plus with the climax setting the stage for the third instalment in the gripping tale of Geja and Pamma’s vendetta, this action film is a must watch for all.

With some visceral action on-screen and stand out performances, Warning 2 is sure to leave you with the anticipation of the next chapter in this thrilling saga.

Movie Info:

Yoodlee Films
Available in
February 2, 2024
Quality option
1080p | 720p
Hindi, Punjabi
Amar Hundal
Main Stars
Gippy Grewal, Prince Kanwaljit Singh, Jasmin Bhasin

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