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What Are the Odds released in 2020, is a coming-of-age drama film directed by Megha Ramaswamy, which takes audiences on a whimsical and introspective journey through the lives of two teenagers in Mumbai. With its offbeat narrative, vibrant visuals, and charming performances, the movie offers a unique and refreshing take on the complexities of adolescence.

What Are the Odds Movie A Surreal and Dreamlike Narrative

What Are the Odds unfolds like a surreal and dreamlike journey, blurring the lines between reality and imagination. The film follows the story of Vivek (played by Yashaswini Dayama) and Ashwin (played by Karanvir Malhotra),

What are the Odds Movie
What are the Odds Movie

two quirky and unconventional teenagers who embark on an unexpected adventure through the streets of Mumbai. As they navigate the challenges of adolescence, they encounter a colorful cast of characters and embark on a series of whimsical escapades that defy logic and convention.

Exploration of Adolescent Themes

What Are the Odds Movie is a poignant exploration of the universal themes of adolescence, including identity, friendship, love, and rebellion. Director Megha Ramaswamy deftly captures the anxieties and uncertainties of teenage life, portraying the characters’ struggles with authenticity and empathy. Whether it’s Vivek’s quest to find her place in the world or Ashwin’s desire for independence and self-discovery, the film resonates with audiences on a deeply personal level, evoking memories of their own journey through adolescence.

Charming Performances and Chemistry

The heart of What Are the Odds lies in the charming performances of its lead actors, Yashaswini Dayama and Karanvir Malhotra. Dayama brings warmth, wit, and vulnerability to her portrayal of Vivek,

capturing the character’s eccentricities and insecurities with nuance and depth. Malhotra shines as Ashwin, infusing the character with a sense of rebelliousness and longing for adventure. Together, Dayama and Malhotra share a captivating on-screen chemistry that

drives the film forward and keeps audiences engaged from start to finish.

What Are the Odds Movie Visual Poetry and Cinematic Imagery

What Are the Odds is a work of art, with its vibrant colors, dynamic camerawork,

and stunning visuals adding to the film’s cinematic appeal. Director Megha Ramaswamy crafts each frame with care and attention to detail,

creating a visual palette that is both surreal and evocative.

What are the Odds Release Date
What are the Odds Release Date

From the bustling streets of Mumbai to the tranquil beauty of its beaches,

each location serves as a backdrop for the characters’ journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Movie Info:

Available in
May 20, 2020
Quality option
Full HD
Hindi, English
Megha Ramaswamy
Main Stars
Yashaswini Dayama, Karanvir Malhotra, Abhay Deol

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