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Why Cheat India a 2019 Bollywood drama that exposes the harsh realities of India’s education system. Directed by Soumik Sen and starring Emraan Hashmi in the lead role, this film sheds light on the rampant cheating, bribery, and exploitation prevalent in the pursuit of academic success.

Why Cheat India Movie The Harsh Truth Behind Education

Why Cheat India Movie centers around the character of Rakesh Singh (played by Emraan Hashmi),

a smooth-talking conman who preys on the dreams and aspirations of students and parents alike.

Why Cheat India Download
Why Cheat India Download

With his cunning schemes and manipulative tactics, Rakesh exploits the flaws and loopholes in the education system to turn a profit, exposing the darker side of India’s obsession with academic achievement.

Emraan Hashmi’s Compelling Performance

Emraan Hashmi delivers a compelling performance as Rakesh Singh, infusing the character with charm, charisma, and a hint of menace. With his trademark intensity and magnetic presence, Hashmi captures the essence of a man driven by greed and ambition, willing to stoop to any level to achieve his goals. His portrayal adds depth and complexity to the film’s exploration of moral ambiguity and ethical dilemmas.

Shedding Light on Systemic Flaws

Through its gripping narrative and compelling characters, Why Cheat India exposes the systemic flaws and institutionalized corruption that plague India’s education system. From rigged entrance exams to counterfeit degrees, the film pulls back the curtain on a world where meritocracy is often overshadowed by nepotism, favoritism, and financial incentives.

Why Cheat India Movie Raising Important Questions

Why Film raises important questions about the pressures and expectations placed on students in their quest for academic success. By shining a spotlight on issues like exam cheating, college admissions scams,

and the commodification of education, the film sparks conversations about the need for systemic reforms and ethical standards in the education sector.

Audience Reception and Social Impact

Why Cheat India Movie received praise for its bold and thought-provoking subject matter, as well as Emraan Hashmi’s standout performance.

Why Cheat India Movie
Why Cheat India Movie

While the film may not have been a box office hit,

it resonated with audiences who appreciated its unflinching portrayal of a pressing

social issue and its call for action to address the root causes of educational malpractice.

Movie Info:

Ellipsis Entertainment
Available in
January 18, 2019
Quality option
Full HD
Soumik Sen
Main Stars
Emraan Hashmi, Shreya Dhanwanthary, Snighdadeep Chatterji

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