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Raththam, an imminent Indian Tamil-language action thriller directed by C. S. Amudhan, throws domestic hate crimes into the limelight.

raththam bollywood
raththam bollywood

The film starring Vijay Antony, Mahima Nambiar, Nandita Swetha, and Remya Nambeesan offers an engrossing storyline along with some power-packed performances.

Diving into Hate Crimes: Raththam’s Gripping Storyline

Raththam descends into the incredible story of Rajith Kumar, a crime journalist, and cunning mind who is determined to uncover all the facts behind the increasing number

of murders that take place in the city. While the movie does provide an Best Action films journey for spectators, it is not all fun and games as a carefully crafted storyline revolves around hate crimes. However, Ranjith Kumar dives into the dark world of crime and the film unfolds as a compelling narrative that forces viewers to pause for thought considering how hatred and criminality reverberate in our reality beyond mere entertainment.

Diving into the Shadows: Raththam’s Intricate Story of Hate Crimes

In this section, Raththam delicately unravels a convoluted hate crime and familiarizes viewers with the grim world beneath. The story unfolds the spooky dynamics of hate-incited incidents through Ranjith Kumar’s unstoppable quest for truth. So, every twist and turn the film takes draws its audiences into a breathtaking journey of uncovering hidden motifs behind these crimes, making Raththam’s storyline not only fascinating but also socially significant.

Navigating the Depths: The layers of hate in Raththam are unmasked.

Raththam’s story delves into the complexities of hate crimes, shedding light on the reasons behind them, who committed them, and who they are. Ranjith Kumar,

set in the choppy waters of investigative journalism, unfolds a profound story that absorbs more than merely descriptive interpretations.

raththam movie review
raththam movie review

Each revelation reveals another layer of societal nuances by Raththam, and this element provides stimulation while immersing in it. The plot presents a critical contemplation regarding the spread of hate crimes that forces viewers to glance way too hard and not comfortable.

Vijay Antony Leads the Charge: Raththam’s Stellar Cast

The cast of Raththam includes Vijay Antony as Ranjith Kumar, Mahima Nambiar as Sangeetha/Annapoorani Sebastian, and others including the talented ensemble. Nandita Swetha is Madhumithan while Remya Nambeesan plays Chezhiyan’s fiancée Keerthy. The main actors include Nizhalgal Ravi, John Mahendran, and Boy Rajan.

Vijay Antony’s Commanding Performance:

The film focuses in the main on Vijay Antony as Ranjith Kumar, a criminal journalist and intellectual. With his ability to play diverse roles, Antony helps an audience see the determination and complexity of this character. His nuanced, increasingly believable performance goes a long way toward heightening the intensity of Raththam and makes it an important addition to his body of work.

Raththam Stellar Ensemble Dynamics:

Beyond Antony’s manifestation, Raththam enjoys the strength of its remarkable ensemble. Complementing Antony with their gripping performances, Mahima Nambiar, Nandita Swetha, and Remya Nambeesan deliver strong supporting roles to strengthen the movie’s plot.

raththam release date
raththam release date

The chemistry among the actors also improves in storytelling, making for a phenomenal cinematic narrative that will keep an audience glued to their seats in hopes of what unfolds in Raththam’s search for hate crimes.

Raththam Unleashed: Behind the Scenes and Release Date

Rotherham and Fighter is the film that shows director C. S Amudhan and actor Vijay Antony’s joint venture efforts. The film will be shot in Chennai, Kolkata, Spain, and Thailand with cinematographer Gopi Amarnath and editing by T. S. The good music, created by Kannan Narayanan, makes the film great. The eagerness of the audiences continued with Raththam reaching theater screens on October 6, 2021.

Behind the Scenes: Crafting Raththam’s Cinematic Tapestry

Check out the details of Raththam’s making with director C. S Amudhan and actor Vijay Antony coming together for it. The movie’s production started in November 2021. It gives a glimpse into the filming process which is filmed at different locations like Chennai, Kolkata, Spain, and Thailand.

The visual appeal of the film is enhanced by Gopi Amarnath’s cinematography and T. S. Suresh’s editing while Kannan Narayana composed music that adds a significant feel to the storyline.

raththam movie in hindi
raththam movie in hindi

Release Date Anticipation: Raththam’s Cinematic Arrival

Block your calendars, as Raththam releases on the 6^{the} of October in 2023. Throngs of enthusiastic fans have been waiting for the release of this film,

which represents an end – albeit a riveting one with award-winning story and acting. The selected release date contributes to the anticipation,

ensuring a memorable screening that will engage viewers and stay with them forever.

Mixed Opinions Unveiled: Raththam’s Critical Acclaim

The release of Raththam created a mixed response from critics. India Today’s Janani K rated it 2 out of a total of five stars for its potential in the crime thriller

genre but lackluster sections, whereas The Times of India – M. Suganth gave it an overall score of just two and a half points citing good ideas met bad execution.

Sudhir Srinivasan in The New Indian Express appreciated the film for its pleasantly lighthearted take on journalism, while Gopinath Rajendran reviewed it from a

mixed point of view in The Hindu noting an interesting plot but lackluster treatment. News Minute’s Bharathy Sundaravel awarded it 3 stars – calling Raththam an ode to the spirit of good journalism.

Mixed Bag of Opinions: Raththam’s Cinematic Reception

As Raththam was released, it received multiple reviews from critics with different opinions on its qualities. Critics have thrown the film a one-star rating from India Today’s Janani K. While acknowledging latent potential in the crime thriller genre The Times of India gave it 2.5 stars reviewed by M Suganth; promising ideas were appreciated while deploring execution as drab.

raththam movie duration
raththam movie duration

The film was also praised by noted journalist Sudhir Srinivasan in New Indian Express for being groundbreaking while Gopinath Rajendra’s review in Hindu took a measured approach, appreciating Raththam.

Critical Acclaim and Contention: Raththam Under the Microscope

The critical response to Raththam gave rise to heated discussions among reviewers. India Today’s critic Janani K gave the film 2 out of 5 stars and shunned its potential as an engaging crime thriller despite regretting that there were no truly arresting moments. M. Suganth from the Times of India agreed with the same opinion and rated it 25 out of stars taking note that the film carried some interesting ideas but lacked execution.

Movie Info:

Infiniti Film Ventures
Available in
6 October 2023
Quality option
1080p | 720p
Main Stars
Vijay Antony, Aravinth, Sivalingam Babu

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